PRODEV  is a group of companies, which one of it is PT PRODEV Bisnis Global, which has formed and initiated at the end of 2015 as a manifestation of the management systems demand in order to improve competitiveness and the highest level of compliance with standards of the company which in the current era as an obligation that must be met and complied with the companies that developed in Indonesia particularly.

Therefore PRODEV provide and offer the solutions that can be tailored to the dynamics diversity of the company in the form of mentoring and coaching related to system management.


All personnel who working in oil and gas sector must have competence standard, increasingly perceived oil and gas industry is technology-intensive, capital-intensive and high-risk hazards.

Competence of personnel is a minimum requirement that must be met by the oil and gas worker, sub-sector of downstream and upstream oil and gas industry (supporting) and geothermal, among others for care field wells in Indonesia.


Delivering the adequate and precise training is our commitment to provide extensive knowledge to all member participant.

In other case, we provide the training base on company demands. Training materials are always update to provide a broad of understanding and weighted in order to improve the training quality.


Provide All Training HSE, Management, Oil & Gas.

All Certification provide by PRODEV, KEMNAKER, BNSP.